Water Treatment

Water treatment is any process that involves making water more acceptable for a specific end-use. In the treatment of sewage, contaminants are removed from wastewater using physical, chemical and biological processes so as to ensure that an environmentally safe end product, such as treated wastewater or treated effluent, is the result.

During these processes, however, high concentrations of abrasive particles are encountered, that reduce the performance of your machine, costing you money and time in repair.

At Vanadium, our experienced engineers can assist you in finding the best machine for your application, helping you to achieve the best performance of your equipment at the lowest cost. We also recondition ALL Brands of screw conveyors for decanters, using Tungsten Carbide Tiles or Hard facing, depending on your application.

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The processing of oils and edible fats is one of the most important primary food processes and requires the highest quality machinery and expertise. The quality of the final product depends on the refining method and the nature of the product.

Modern processes for the recovery of oils and fats are characterized by the widespread application of centrifugal clarification. Vanadium are experts in the edible oil industry’s Centrifuges, Decanters and Heat Exchanging methods.

In the Dairy Industry milk is clarified through a centrifuge from the very beginning to remove any impurities. If the process conditions are favorable, it is also possible to obtain an efficient reduction in the number of leukocytes and bacteria.

Centrifuges are also used in the separation of milk fats & solids. In this specific industry, the temperature is vital to an efficient separation.

Our engineers, therefore, provide professional assistance and guidance to ensure good foaming efficiency & low viscosity of the cream at the outlet.



In the Mining Industry, dewatering centrifuges, are used to separate the solids from the liquid and achieved the desired moisture content.

The centrifuges are operated automatically with programmed discharges and can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the client.

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Oil & Gas

For the Oil  Industry,  monitor oil condition as well as maintenance management. Oil is the lubricant of the world economy, however, the use of this valuable resource has some consequences: the extraction, transportation, and consumption of oil-producing harmful effects for humans and the environment.

The engineers at Vanadium are mindful of the implications of this resource on all users and concentrate their efforts to minimise its impact. The team use two-phase and three-phase decanters and disc centrifuges which offer an environmentally friendly solution for processing slop oil and sludge from lagoons

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In the Wine Industry, automatic clarifying centrifuges, decanters and heat exchangers are used to maintain the properties that characterize a good wine and balance its components, character, intensity, and complexity.

Disc centrifuges are ideal for wine clarification as they combine the highest technology with hygienic design. Decanters are also used in wine production in various ways and make it possible to clarify the wort and wine more efficiently and economically.

Distilleries utilise centrifuges for clarifying processes with the use of centrifuge nozzles and decanters.

With previous clients, we have used centrifuges to clarify the molasses before entering the fermentation process. This guarantees a stable fermentation process.

The centrifuges are operated automatically with programmed discharges and can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the client.