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By developing an online analyser for measuring slurry, with accuracy and repeatable consistency to give real feedback, will allow CPP’s to be more efficient and less time restrained for samples to be sent away. The availability of an online analyser would enable automation of fine coal circuits that are not currently possible due to the delays in sampling and analyses. The approach to this project will be to engage with a producer of an optical analyser that can be tailored to offer particle sizing analysis that has been engineered to provide the user a means by which a liquid is analysed while under varying pressures, temperatures and flow rates. By utilising technology that does not require X-Ray or radioactive device. The software has been developed to analyse data to provide a reportable ash content at regular intervals. This, in turn, will be used to set plant operating parameters. Vanadium source in-line process spectrometers, specifically designed for mineral beneficiation operations. Ore has a different spectral profile from that of the gangue. This makes in-line spectroscopy an ideal measurement technique for grade control.

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