Spiral Automation Reborn!

Spiral circuits tend to be rejected operationally, this is due to the manual adjustment of the splitters, this also means the operators are slow to respond to any changes in the feed quality.

The same drivers that have led to the development of the Reflux Classifier technology have driven the development of a system that simplifies and automates existing spirals.

The most obvious benefit of the Spiral Galaxy is that it provides a safe, easy, controlled and recorded means of changing the spiral splitter positions without the need for manual operator intervention.

However, the main financial driver behind the Spiral Galaxy installation is that it will result in an increase in the overall product recovery.

The increase in recovery is achieved by maintaining an optimum spiral cut-point, when presented with changing feed qualities. This is achieved by the addition of a spectrometer, we are now able to determine this optimal set point in real time and adjust the splitters automatically.

How it All Works;

· A scan probe project light through an optical window directly onto the slurry

· Light reflects back from the slurry is analysed by a super range spectrometer (300 to 1100 nm)

· An on-board processor use multivariate statistical methods to produce the trend.

· No calibration sampling

· Easy to install, “plug and play”

· 4 to 20 mA output to PLC, controls actuated splitters

· 220V, 15A power

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