Comex And Vanadium

Vanadium Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that we have secured an agency agreement with Comex AS, to provide exclusive coal market development services in Australia.

As is the long-standing vision of Vanadium to engage with companies who are innovative and apply technology to their value proposition, we are proud to have joined forces with a world leader in ore sorting, Comex AS.

Comex AS delivers industrial system solutions and processing equipment for sophisticated and demanding applications. The main core activities are related to technologies for advanced optical sorting of large particles, and production and classification of fine powders towards the mining and process industry. After significant efforts in R&D projects, Comex AS provides today the latest state-of-the-art equipment together with the know-how for industrial solutions.

Comex AS offers complex and robust optical sorting systems, in a user-friendly platform, for the identification and sorting of particles based on different physical properties. This is achieved under recognition of individual response to:

· Colour

· Density

· Shape

· Conductivity

· Size

· Surface Texture

· Thermal Transfer

· Transparency

· Electromagnetic Induction

· X-Ray Transmission

The agreement provides the framework for the two companies to collaborate through their combined skills to ultimately secure contracts for the implementation of process improvement through product and service offering within the Australian coal mining industry.

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