Increased capacity, same plant?

Through Vanadium's partnership with Comex, we now deliver state of the art ore sorting solutions in a modular design for any size processing plants. As shown in the images below, comparing todays conventional approach, all feed reports directly to the processing plant whereas introducing the OSX to concentrate the feed, alleviates waste before it reaches the plant, in turn having a bottom line effect whilst increasing productivity.

Assuming you have a feed stream from the mine at a capacity of 500 t/h, and assuming this stream has waste material content of 30 %. The feed stream enters the OSX, which in this case has the separation efficiency of 90 %. By implementing OSX into the existing coal plant facilities you can achieve huge saving when it comes to waste disposals and transport requirements between the mine and the processing plant. An additional benefit is the reduction in waste to the plant means capacity increase through the plant.

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