Spiral Galaxy Automation

As many of you know, Vanadium have pioneered the way to automate Spirals. With the release of the Spiral Galaxy, We have carefully designed our automation to be easily retrofitted onto nearly any spiral. This allows for existing spiral banks to be fitted with the latest technology. Bringing your spirals from the early 2000's, into the 21st century.

Now, Spiral Galaxy is the brainchild of many people much smarter than myself, but none the less the concept is brilliant. If you are familiar with going and changing the splitter position manually, you will know how time consuming it is. Now think about having 10 banks of 10, that's 100 spirals you manually have to change with feed fluctuation. By the time you have done all 100, you'd have to change them once again.

But what we have found is that taking control away from operators isn't the best move. We found that they still prefer to have some control. This is why we have a manual operation mode that allows simultaneous movement of a single bank of spirals. Generally each spiral bank will have its own control panel with both an auto and manual function. Auto will allow control to happen directly from your SCADA or CITEC system. As for Manual, this will happen at the relevant control unit for each bank of spirals.

We have taken this one step further and introduced our Spectrometer into the equation. We did some trial runs within the Bowen basin on coal and the results were unbelievable. Not only were we able to see exactly what was within the product launder, but we are now able to chase a product quality with the Spiral Galaxy Automation. Now, the tests obviously had to be lab tested and correlated with the spectrometer in order to have an accurate reading but other than that, there is no calibration needed.

I will have a Seperate Post about the spectrometer going into a bit more detail so make sure you are following us on our Social media accounts as well as subscribe to our mailing list.

If you have any enquiries about this product, or would like a brochure on any products, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our site or email: info@vanadiumgroup.com.au

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