Scandent One Touch Ladder

A consideration of any project is cable management. Whether it be meeting strict onsite requirements, or finding a simple method of routing cables; the solution is a cable tray. The downside to traditional cable trays is that when assembling the cable tray, nuts and bolts are required to hold the two trays together. Traditional systems consist of 5-10 bolts on either side of the tray and have to be tightened to provide structural strength. This is tricky as most site's cable trays are attached close to the roof and are often situated in tight spaces. This adds a considerable amount of time to the construction timeline for installation.

Finally, a solution has come to market that offers any electrical project a much quicker installation time.

The Scandent One Touch Ladder is designed to solve the long-standing problem of increased time on site, adding to installation costs and increased OHS risk.

The Scandent One Touch ladder is a 3 part assembly ( as seen below) with a patented interlocking design. The benefit being, reducing time for installation of up to 65%, with fewer parts to manage. Decreased OHS risk from less time on site is a key benefit of this product which is highly desirable with many compliance officers.

This product has been used around the world, particularly by Hyundai Heavy Machinery, Samsung construction, and being used in the 2014 World cup in Brazil and the 2016 Olympic Games.

The Scandent One Touch ladder supports quick turnaround on projects that are cost-sensitive while onsite costs are minimised by reducing installation time.

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