Vanadium Launches BD App (in Beta)

Welcome to the Vanadium Associates App.

At Vanadium we understand that times are tough and wanted to add some value to a dire downturn in employment.

Our technology partners came up with a way to assist unemployed or semi-employed business development professionals to build an income stream.

Our understanding of the market and what drives sales lead us to develop an app that empowers individuals to build something for themselves.

This app is designed to register your intentions to actively identify opportunities in your respective field. Opportunities for our existing product range will be logged through the app into our CRM system against your name. Should any success come from your opportunity identification, you will receive the appropriate commission

"People buy from People" this is our belief.

Significant opportunities exist for new, emerging, and innovative businesses in the Australian mining, engineering, quarry, construction, and technology sectors.

Companies and their service providers are looking for methods and means to:

  • Increase margins

  • Boost efficiencies

  • De-risk new ventures

  • Show environmental leadership

  • Gain market ascendency.

Our strategy to assist our agencies to gain a market-leading edge, is simple. We equip them with the ability to expand into Australian markets faster through our network of associates, that cover and deliver measurable value. Shorter time to market produces revenue sooner.

As an Associate, you will earn commission on an ongoing basis from any opportunity that results in a sale. Each opportunity is registered against your name and commissions will be divulged on a case-by-case basis.

Jump on board, let's go for a ride.

On Android and Apple

Or Search - Vanadium Group in the App Store or Google play

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