Pump/Cyclone   Monitor

Operating hours is a sure way to increase production.  Addressing the main causes of downtime or preventative maintenance schedules can increase plant operating time. The focus of this project is to develop the concept that by real-time monitoring of wear patterns on cast slurry pumps and cast cyclones, maintenance can be more targeted and focused. With predictive software and real-time wear rates the potential of achieving the magical 8000 run hours is a possibility.

It has long been a goal to predict when and why equipment fails. The benefit of hindsight is always in focus. This concept is born of the new technology available that can be harnessed to collaboratively perform predictive wear rate and replacement calculations, allowing for less downtime and more focussed repairs.

The concept has been developed Non-Destructive testing can be carried out on operating pumps and cyclones to monitor and report on every parameter including but not limited to, temperature, wear patterns, thickness testing, failure causes and predictive change out requirements