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Red Meters


The Red Meter goes beyond simply being a sensor. Rather than measuring one variable, it is simultaneously measuring multiple variables and recording data to provide real time analytics. Because it uses a general purpose computer and software, the capabilities for what the Red Meter can do for each individual process and application can be as flexible or robust as you want it to be. Built to be a window into your process, the way you utilize the Red Meter and its data can be designed around you.

The objective was not to create just a tool – we are creating an open viewpoint into your process, data and world. To give you insight you could never see before.

How it works

+ All media passes through a flexible inline cartridge.

+ The change in deflection of the cartridge is read by a highly sensitive laser. In addition, temperate and pressure are recorded.

+ As the weight change is measured within a fixed volume, the density is calculated using data recorded by the sensors and computed using our proprietary machine learning algorithms.

+ The calculated readings are displayed and graphed on screen. This data can be output in real time as well as exported for archival and analysis.


+ Measures entire volume of material
+ Does NOT obstruct or redirect flow
+ Does NOT induce a pressure change
+ No regulatory restrictions or safety concerns
+ Evaluates liquids, slurries and dry bulk

+ Material process characteristics

+ Operates at any flow rate in any direction

+ Density / Specific Gravity
+ Pressure
+ Flow Rate
+ Totalized Solids

+ Accommodates chemically and physically aggressive media
+ Is not restricted by density magnitude changes
+ Remote support and updates
+ Low maintenance device – integrates into existing system
+ Compensates for changes in temperature, pressure and vibration

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