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General repair & refurbishment

Preventive maintenance program 

Major Servicing and replacement

Decanter Centrifuge

Our Qualified Engineers offer total peace of mind when assisting in the decision of the most suitable solution for your industry.
We use a tailored approach to identify the best machine or process to perfectly suit your specific needs.
Vanadium is your ONE STOP SHOP when seeking professional assistance for all your Centrifuge, and Decanter needs.

We understand the commitments of each industry, and we are prepared to help you to achieve the best performance of your equipment at the lowest cost. For pricing or any enquiry please send us an email or click the 'Learn More" button below and we will endeavor to get the answers you desire.

Maintenance &  Servicing 

To keep your centrifuge or decanter at its full operating capacity, it’s crucial to ensure you follow a detailed maintenance plan.  Eliminate efficiency issues and minimise downtime by allowing Vanadium to create a customised maintenance plan for your machine.

The Vanadium's Maintenance Agreement Advantage provides you with:

  • A Comprehensive Report outlining any operating issues, and recommendations to assist in the efficient operation of your machine.

  • All machines are inspected by our Senior Service Engineer with over 30 years of experience

  • We aim to improve your machine’s performance and can reduce the repair cost on parts and service.

  • Reduce unplanned stoppages & minimise the risk of the process failing and costing you money.

Centrifuge & Decanter Repairs

Repairs and replacement of parts for centrifuges and decanters can become a costly experience.
At Alfawest our priority is to help you keep your equipment in top operating condition. We repair, upgrade and optimize the output of your decanters or centrifuge to satisfy your needs and specifications.
Once repairs are complete, Alfawest can create a maintenance plan for your machinery, ensuring peak performance and minimizing the risk of unscheduled production downtime.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of your decanter or centrifuge can be a difficult and costly time within your business. The team at Alfawest understand the importance of getting it right, so ensure that experienced engineers install your machine with speed and efficiency as a priority.
Our qualified service engineers manage all critical issues with commissioning and start up of your new machinery and ensure that both the equipment and the process operate according to your expectations.
We also provide on site training for your team, on how to operate your machinery & processes efficiently, including test runs and follow ups.