The Vietti Slurrytec automated SteadyBed thickener control philosophy incorporates the input parameters of mud bed level, mud bed accumulation rate, rake torque and underflow density to control the underflow discharge flow rate. Ideally, a thickener should be operated

The Vietti Slurrytec has developed a custom mud probe, the SonarTXM, in collaboration with DannTech process instrumentation. the principle of operation of the SonarTXM probe is ultrasonic attenuation with the added benefit of frequency optimisation. 

It is specialized, purposed designed, sensing device which has its own internal circuitry to conduct several types of measurements. The measurements are primarily ultrasound attenuation at one or more wavelengths to suit the mud characteristics. The sensor has some intelligence built-in to ensure reliable and repeatable continuous operational measurement of the mud level in thickeners and settling tanks. The time between measurements is designed to ensure that the measurement is done to avoid the rake movement.

A portable version of the SonarTXM® probe was tested on-site at Client A to determine if the thickener mud bed level could be successfully detected in order to consider the automated SteadyBed® thickener control system.