"V" Panel

screen Media

Operating hours is a sure way to increase production.  Addressing the main causes of downtime or preventative maintenance schedules can increase plant operating time. The focus of this project is to develop the concept that a screen panel, the cause of most shutdown and maintenance schedules, can be produced to have a wear life expectancy of 8000 hours.


Wear component replacement is one of the main reasons for a CPP to have routine shutdowns. Centrifuge baskets, ceramic liners, screen media, basalt pipe, and mechanical checks, are the main reasons to stop for maintenance. By addressing the cause of the failure i.e. wear rate, we can systematically increase plant operating hours. It has long been known that the goal of 8000 hours operating is the ultimate prize. Major equipment these days can operate successfully without having to stop at short intervals for maintenance. But not the wear components.


The concept has been developed that could prolong the life of screen media. For the purpose of this project, it is proposed that the focus is on the first two changes of angles on a banana screen, this is where the most wear is observed and the cause for most of the stoppages.