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Vanadium is an innovations, technology and EPC company, focusing on projects and products where we can demonstrate our unique model of providing innovative solutions using our own or partner technologies. We solve our clients’ toughest problems by leveraging our unique blend of process expertise, operational understanding and project delivery excellence. Managing all aspects of your project from Engineering and Design, through to Construction, Operations and Maintenance. Asset Management Services and Equipment Life Cycle services for all our partner and OEM equipment provided and installed by us. Tailings re-treatment and waste to energy form part of our strategic growth plan. Having like minded innovative companies to partner with, allows us to find the best solutions for all applications.

Modular Plant Solutions

  • Engineering services

  • Design services

  • Project Management

  • RPEQ proficient

modular plant solutions.jpg


Oil Condition Monitoring

  • An online optical sensor that measures the degradation of the lubricating oil, providing significant benefits by optimising the oil change frequency

  • A range of online optical sensors for detecting, classifying by size/origin and counting particles in a fluid.

Red Meters
Non-nuclear Density 

Industrial Measurement

  • Density or SG

  • Solids Component

  • Media Pressure

  • Flow Rate

  • Mass Flow

  • Solids accumulator


Unit Process Consulting

Process Equipment​

  • Mixers

  • Agitators

  • Attrition machines

  • Thickener Improvements


Sunstream Int.

Modular Solar Plants

  • Energy Box

  • Deck Box

  • Oryx Box

  • Wing Box


Process Equipment​

  • Decanters

  • Solid Bowl centrifuge

  • Servicing and Maintenance 

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