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Sensoteq is a market leader in industrial wireless sensing for condition monitoring, promoting a highly innovative and boundaryless ethos founded upon 50 years of new product development expertise in electronics engineering. Sensoteq sensors are designed for performance. Transmitting at low frequency in comparison to WIFI and Bluetooth wireless systems, our sensors excel in noisy factory environments. Compact in design, our sensors feature a low centre of gravity and internal antenna, providing robust monitoring in tough industrial conditions. No wires means the sensors can be seamlessly fitted to your machines, connecting them to the internet and providing the intelligence needed to predict downtime, prevent early life failures and improve overall plant efficiency.

How it works

Key Measurements

+ Standard Resolution Waveform & Spectrum @ 2.5kHz (twice a day)
High Resolution Waveform & Spectrum @ 550Hz (twice a day)
+ RMS Velocity, RMS Acceleration & Peak to Peak (every 3 minutes)
+ Temperature (every minute)

Wireless Technology

Sensoteq's proprietary wireless technology utilises a sub 1GHz channel to transmit data, this ensures that existing wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi (2.4GHz) is not impacted. Our wireless channel has been designed to achieve maximum range in industrial environments, where large metal and concrete structures are commonplace

Key Features

+ High level or detailed views to suit your needs as a user
+ Automatic alarm levels ensure your equipment is covered
+ Capture events using the built in tool and see on a timeline
Report Editor to store analysis on the one platform

Fast, Simple Navigation

You won't get slowed down trying to load large sets of data - our system has been optimised to load large amounts of data on screen as fast as the user can navigate it.



The first step in any machine health check-up is to check for unusual vibration patterns. Sensoteq Chi enables you to measure time waveforms and frequency spectrums, detailing the acceleration, velocity, and displacement data for one sensor. Use the data collected to diagnose faults within bearings on rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors, compressors and many more applications


They say when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail; but if you add Chi into the mix, you can also detect the natural frequencies of your machine, structure or sub-structure! By striking a machine with enough force you will generate oscillations that resonate at the natural frequency of your machine. This is critical information to understand - as you want to ensure the running speed of your machine avoids these frequencies or it could induce serious problems


Using our unique algorithms, the Chi sensor will calculate all the required information for the end user to understand the operating efficiency of the machine. By comparing the data between all sides of the machine, the user can determine the proportional difference as a percentage - highlighting faults that lead to lower product/material throughput. Chi is perfectly suited for those applications where improved efficiency means higher returns


Connect to the internet (or save data for later upload) to store your measurements in our cloud servers. Using the Analytix Platform you can access all this data at the touch of a button. View historical or recent data sorted by machine name or measurement type. By utilising the power of the platform you can view this data in great detail, with advanced features and tools to give you even greater insight into the behaviour of your machines

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